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Handmade Turkish ceramics in unique & colorful designs

At Malukka we strive to present to our customers, products that represent the unique Turkish culture, aesthetic and originality. Our ceramics are therefore chosen with an eye for both quality, handicraft, creativity and the historical narrative of the art and motifs. We have visited many of the historic and famous sites of ceramics-production in Turkey, many of which are still known for their great quality and traditionally inclined techniques and designs.

Turkish ceramics

The ceramics at Malukka are handmade by professional artists from the areas of Iznik and Kütahya. Since these artists do both decorating, glazing and the burning themselves, it is a both time consuming and somewhat risky process before the finished product can be ready to be shipped. With the handmade process there can, naturally, be a certain amount of variation in both expression and designs, such that each product is an object of art, in its own right.

Many of the souvenirs that can be found in markets in the tourist areas of Turkey, are mass produced with pre-printed patterns. At Malukka you get ceramics of authenticity, craftsmanship and originality and as our ceramics are lead and cadmium free, it can also be used for storing of, for example oils, fruit and dry goods.

In most of the ancient civilizations, throughout history, that have ruled in, what is now known as Turkey, there have been a highly developed sense of art and craftsmanship. This can be seen in the many sculptures, edifices, temples and in the handicrafts that has been found in archaeological dig sites all over the country. There are both elaborate pots and vases and mosaics of whimsical designs with a great richness of details. These traditions and techniques have inspired modern artisans, now making new and innovative designs, with an historic touch. 

Iznik Ceramics

The Iznik ceramics that we have chosen to present here, in the online store, are based on a special artistic tradition with roots in the 15th century Ottoman period. The name originates from the city of Iznik – historically, known as Nicaea, and excavations have shown that ceramics have been created in the area for millennia.
It was, however, primarily in the 15th -16th A.D. that the demand for the special Iznik Ceramics reached its peak.

The large amount of quartz in the ceramic, the unique methods of glazing and the beautiful turquoise, cobalt, green and red colors, in magnificent patterns and figures, showing the fauna and flora of the area, meant that for a time, there were more than 300 workshops in Iznik.

The workshops supplied both tiles for decoration of mosques and palaces as well as art and crafts for the court of the Sultans and as gifts for foreign royal connections.
The special technique used to manipulate the clay and the method of glazing was handed down orally from one generation to the next, but as demand declined in the 17th century, so too disappeared the knowledge behind the famous art of Iznik.

However, through the last 30 years there has been a focus on rediscovering the secrets and the history of the Iznik ceramics. Archaeological excavations and inquiries mean that it is now possible to make the special Iznik ceramics with modern techniques, with roots in, and with respect for the original craftsmanship. 

It is this tradition, that we strive to show in our ceramics.

Kütahya Ceramics

Kütahya, has for centuries been well known for their techniques, traditions and designs in ceramic art and craftmanship. 

Where the Iznik workshops were closely connected to the royal court, the artisans in Kütahya mainly produced elegant and sophisticated household ceramics to the higher middle classes.

Jugs, bowls, jars and oil bottles were some of the products they specialized in and the motifs were mainly reflecting daily life, folk art, flora and fauna of the area.  

Throughout the last centuries, Kütahya has developed into a major ceramic area, famous for their outstanding quality and breathtaking designs and handicraft. The ceramic is lead and cadmium free hence perfect for food ware and as kitchen utensils. 

We wish to present the unique Iznik and Kütahya ceramics from some of the many small workshops of the area, where we know, there is a focus on craftsmanship, quality, respect for the traditional techniques and an openness to new ideas and creative initiatives. Many of the artists that we have chosen are therefore using new and modern shapes, patterns and colors, but create and produce their art pieces with a starting point in the renowned traditional process.

“Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.”
– MaryAnn F. Kohl   

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