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Beautiful ceramic bowls – handmade designs, inspired by the colorful Turkish culture and nature

History and traditions

Our unique and colorful ceramic bowls are, in both style and expression, inspired by the melting pot of people and cultures that have lived in Turkey, since the beginning of times. In both designs, decorations, motifs and quality, you can see the imprint of traditions and techniques, inherited through generations and based on knowledge and skills, developed over thousands of years. The Turkish ceramic history dates back to ancient time and new discoveries of elegant, decorated ceramics are still made today, in archaeological sites, all over Turkey. Ceramics used for cooking or storing; like vessels, bowls, jars and pots – and ceramics used for decoration in wealthy households, like bright colorful mosaics, sculptures, religious icons and symbols. If you wish, you can read a little more about this, at Malukkas inspiration page.

Today the ancient techniques are joined with modern methods, creating new and innovative designs, suited for present time fashion and demands. Thus, all our gorgeous ceramic bowls are influenced by history, but also made with a delicate focus on modern requirements, quality and trends. 

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lead and cadmium free quality

It is important to us, at Malukka, that our ceramics are lead- and cadmium free, hence useable for serving and storing food, salads and fruits. Thus, these beautiful bowls are both decorative to look at and perfect as kitchenware. They will also look simply gorgeous at your bathroom, filled with potpourri or scented soap. As the ceramic bowls are handmade, they must naturally be handled with care, yet some of them are dishwasher safe. For more information, please read the description under each product.

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