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Elegant jugs and decanters – unique handmade ceramics in a healthy & food safe quality

Design and history

Our colorful charming jugs and decanters are made with a careful sense of aesthetics, details and quality. Beautifully decorated with adorable hand painted floral motifs and inspired by the magnificent Turkish nature and traditions. In shape and style, the jugs reflect Turkish cultural history – with designs, handicraft and techniques going back to ancient times. Hence, the circle shaped Shiwinni decanter, illustrates the Hittite people’s worship of the Sun God Ra, as well as their, more down to earth, enthusiasm for wine and wine production. The Hittite decanter is, in our version, decorated with lovely simple red tulips, the Turkish national flower. The Turks are a lively and passionate people, who loves combining patterns, symbols and decorations, across time and culture and in a multitude of colors. Thereby they are creating new and exciting designs and trends, whilst keeping traditions and history alive.

Food safe quality

These enchanting jugs and decanters are all handmade in a lead- and cadmium free quality, meaning they are safe to use, also for beverages like water, juice, beer and wine, according to your wishes. Obviously the Shiwinni decanter will be an intriguing feature at a fine dinner party, for serving a good bottle of wine. Thus, the beautiful jugs are both decorative and functional and will surely add an extra dimension of colorful aesthetics to your kitchen equipment. As the ceramic jugs are handmade, they must naturally be handled with care, yet most of them are dishwasher safe. For more information, please read the description under each product.

See also our decorative handmade spoon rests functional for keeping your kitchen counter clean – during cooking. 

“Art is not a handicraft; it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced”.
― Leo Tolstoy


Jugs and decanters

Midea, ceramic jug

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