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Trendy colorful boho style – with an ethnic twist 

All Malukkas products have been picked out with the goal of showing the colorful Turkish history, craftmanship and folklore. Because of this, our products feature authenticity, originality and a colorful expressive design, combined in a mix of current trends and with references to the traditions and history of this magnificent country.

Thus, our products are produced and designed 100 % in Turkey and we value uniqueness, aesthetics, quality, and the story behind it all.

Sile Cloth 

Part of our clothes is made from what is known as “Sile Cloth”. Sile is the name of a small village by the Black Sea, north of Istanbul. Here, for centuries, they have woven and treated the cotton in a very special way to produce fabric that is both natural, airy, soft and sweat absorbent.

Originally the cotton was handwoven on big wooden looms after which it was washed in the ocean and dried on the beach. Since the sand, at the village of Sile, is very high in quartz, this too affected the structure of the fabric. Finally, the textile was decorated with traditional and handmade embroidery and motifs with special stories or with references to important parts of the Turkish folklore.

To this day, you can still experience this tradition in Sile. They even have an annual festival for it. However, the large demand for the fabric from all over the world means that the process has been modernized. The modern production does still, however, use many of the original methods, like the special twisting process that makes the fabric so wonderful airy and comfortable to wear.

Style and design

At Malukka we wish to present clothes in designs blending timeless elegancy with a trendy casual look. A compass of colors, patterns and styles promoting inspiration, creativity and an individual expression. In the mix of tradition and innovation – history and culture – these designs make room for you to unfold your unique personality and originality – no matter your age, size and shape.   

Clothes and environmental caring. 

Clothes and textile production is one of the worlds most polluting industries and it is estimated that the fashion industry is responsible for almost 10% of the global carbon emissions. At the same time, it is also an industry using a lot of chemicals throughout the entire supply chain. This means that issues like overproduction and waste makes up a very serious problem in relation to sustainability and the environment. 

The tendencies of the throw-away society means that we use things for a very short time – if at all – thus utilizing immense environmental resources in the process. Today the fashion industry releases multiple annual collections in addition to the regular season collections, many of which ends up at the dumpsite as soon as the fashion changes. 

At Malukka we find it important to contribute to a more sustainable direction. For this reason, we have decided only to have few items in stock and put in orders only according to purchases. In that way we do not add to overproduction and waste.  Of course, this requires that you – as a customer – will have to wait a little bit longer for your order to arrive. On the other hand, it also means that we make a small difference for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.  You can read more about our values and thoughts related to a greener future, age-/bodypositivity and diversity here.

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“Life is a sea of vibrant color. Jump in.”
― A.D. Posey



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