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Colorful patterned and floral dresses in elegant trendy boho style – for every season and occasion

Festive, feminine and fancy dresses

At Malukka, you will find dresses, chosen from our wish to present inspiring and intriguing designs in an aesthetic creative style and with a colorful ethnic touch. Thus, our dresses come in many different variations and shapes. Evening and gala dresses – mini and midi dresses, everyday dresses and dresses for special occasions. Dresses with patterns, dresses decorated with flower motifs, dresses in patchwork style, asymmetrical dresses and dresses with embroideries, inspired by the colorful and diverse Turkish culture and folklore. All have in common, that they radiate originality, personality and a happy colorful atmosphere, in their own special way.  

We love diversity

At Malukka, we celebrate the diversity – colors, age and body positivity. We believe that every human being has their own unique beauty and that this should be emphasized, rather than hidden. Because of this, we have also chosen to use models in various sizes, ages and ethnicities. To us, it is about rejoicing your personality and expressing your individual style – with courage to stand by who you are and embrace your own particular character. Therefore, these dresses are for you who enjoys colors, designs and aesthetics, in a trendy artistic style, thus articulating your own beautiful authenticity.

   “Give yourself a kiss. If you want to hold the beautiful one, hold yourself to yourself.”

Quality and design

The dresses are all both designed and produced in Turkey. Some of them is in pure cotton, threated with special techniques, traditionally named Sile Clothing or Sile fabrics. These dresses are often adorned with embroideries and borders made with references to Turkish folklore, illustrating flora, fauna and symbols of the region. If you wish to read a bit more about Sile Clothing, you can find it at the bottom of this page.
We also have the most amazing colorful dresses in a lovely soft viscose quality- made from natural beech, that’s making them both sweat absorbent and airy to wear.

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