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Hamam and Peshtemal towels


Peshtemal towels have for centuries been used in the public Turkish bath houses also known as “Hamam”. The bath houses became especially widespread during the Ottoman reign and were often placed close to the mosques, where they also served as a social meeting point. A traditional Hamam bath is a type of steam bath, characterized by offering running hot and cold water, massages and body scrub as well as the possibility to take a relaxing nap in a soft bed. Thus, a stay in the Hamam can last up to several hours, depending on your choice of treatment.

What is Peshtemal?

The Pestemal towel is a fundamental part of the Turkish cultural history and originally made to help individual bathers maintain some privacy. At the same time the colors, patterns and designs of the peshtemal towel, would indicate which region of Turkey people came from. It was also used in specific ceremonies relating to for instance weddings or childbirth.

In a traditional Hamam, it is typical that you walk around between different bath areas and hence it is practical to wrap yourself in a light and quick drying towel. Peshtemal towels are usually made from Turkish long fibred cotton, known for its softness and great absorbency. The flatwoven texture of these multifunctional towels is also perfect for a trip to the beach, as the smooth surface makes it easy to get rid of the sand. In recent years, the peshtemal towel has had a renaissance. Not the least due to the many ways you can use them. They are great both as towels, as scarfs, sarongs and as a cozy plaid in your couch – or maybe just for keeping you warm, on a chilly summer night at the terrace.

The peshtemal towels we have chosen to present at Malukka, are made in climate friendly organic cotton, with an original colorful design and a trendy elegant expression – not to be seen everywhere – and inspired by the exciting and diverse Turkish history and culture.

“I prefer living in color.”
-David Hockney


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Organic hamam towels - peshtemal

Ma-Bugra, organic hamam towel, peshtemal

55.00 Incl. tax

Organic hamam towels - peshtemal

Ma-Kaan, organic Hamam towel, peshtemal

55.00 Incl. tax