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Handmade shoes and boots with Suzani embroidery. Unique designs with a story behind

At Malukka, our vision is to find and present products that stands out, in multiple ways. Either through their craftmanship, interesting design, colorful combinations or by an engaging story build on ethnic traditions, history and art. We have chosen to introduce these beautiful shoes and boots, as we believe, they represent all the above-mentioned ingredients.

Handmade quality work, with a colorful unique design and a creative mix of modern trends, combined with past traditions and a cultural twist. Thus, it is with great joy and pride, we present these stunning products on

What is Suzani? – The story behind

Sensational, sensual and luxuriant. These amazing shoes and boots are handmade with inspiration from the unique ethnic and traditional needlework called SUZANI.

The word Suzani means needlework in Persian and is the name for embroidered textiles and carpets made in Central Asia, through generations. For centuries, women in nomadic tribes have made fabulous and colorful embroidered hangings, bed sheds, wrapping cloths, table covers and prayer mats, to be used in their yurts and for decoration purposes. They were originally made on a base of cotton and silk and carefully decorated with bright colored embroidery, illustrating symbols, flora and fauna, specific to the area.

Since the Suzani textile was often made to be a part of a young girl’s dowry, it was important that the symbols represented happiness, fertility and love. When a girl was old enough, she would be taught the secrets of the art and with help from the women in the tribe, create her own future dowry. As the textiles were used for multiple purposes and should be suited for a sometime harsh climate, it was important that they were made in a strong quality material.

The embroidered symbols of the Suzani art, were believed to carry magic, talismanic, protective and well-wishing messages and thus it was important for the future bride to make them with the utmost care, creativity and focus on the details. They also believed that Suzani textiles had spiritual forces and could help them avoid evil spirits. Symbols of astral elements and “The Tree of Life” are recurring themes in many of the Suzani embroideries.

The details and motifs of Suzani needlework, also reflects the time in which they were made and the system they lived under. Central Asia was, throughout centuries, subject to various kinds of rulers, which has made a noticeable impact, also in the choices of design and motifs of the needlework. For instance, the influence of the Ottoman Empire is clearly seen, in the choice of specific decorations, colors and design, highly venerated among the Sultans, at the time. Particularly the tulip is a dominant theme from that era.

Suzani today

Today, Suzani textiles has experienced a revival. This extraordinary and vivid colored needlework is being purchased and appreciated all over the world. New designs and patterns are being made in forms and techniques outgrown from the old traditions and with respect for the heritage of this unique artform. Currently, the Suzani textiles are used both in the traditional way, as carpets, bedsheets and pillows, but also in new and trendy designs and styles, as for instance, to make shoes, bags and boots.

The boots and shoes we have chosen to present at Malukka, are inspired by Suzani art, in a unique combination of modern and traditional embroideries, materials, patterns and designs. Thus, some of them are made with soft leather – made from calfskin, whereas others are made from original Suzani carpets and textile. In addition, some of the shoes have color combinations and use of textiles, with a clear Ottoman twist. Here among, the lovely turquoise colors and brocadelike material, clearly seen in the wonderful Ainippe stiletto.

Handmade shoes and boots

The shoes are all handmade, by a small, but renowned family firm in Turkey. They have, for more than 30 years, worked with designing and making shoes and they take great artistic pride in solid quality work, style and craftmanship. Through their unique combination of traditional design and needlework, with modern shapes, styles and expressions, they truly succeed in giving their products a remarkable and outstanding touch. All the materials are carefully selected, and each shoe and boot will have their own individual character. You can see pictures and read more about our supplier here.

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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.
John Keats



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