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Magnificent handmade boots in leather, textile and embroidery

Traditional handiwork with an original eye-catching design

All our boots are handmade and based on a traditional needlework called Suzani. Suzani is an embroidery and sewing style, used for centuries among the nomadic tribes on the plains in i.a. Uzbekistan. Thus, our manufacturer in Turkey uses both techniques and designs inspired by the Suzani style and original Suzani fabrics and carpets. These fabrics are handmade by women, descending from the nomads, having the techniques passed on to them by their mothers, throughout the generations. That means, that our gorgeous boots are made in a wonderful mixture of old traditions and a modern innovative style and design.

The elegant boots are handmade from either calfskin or textile – sometimes in a combination of both, and usually embroidered with motifs, reflecting flora, fauna or symbols, in the authentic Suzani way. Hence, the unique design, form and expression are highlighted by an emphasis on originality, creativity and a thorough quality, with a focus on the details. Thus, the boots are both lined with genuine goat skin and have comfort insoles and you can get them high heeled or in a more classical design, dependent of your wishes and needs.

Personalized boots

As the beautiful boots are handmade, you can order them customized – made for your individual measurements and calf size. If you should have other wishes for the boots, like e.g. the colors of the embroideries, you are more than welcome to contact us on mail;, as we are so lucky that our shoemaker in Turkey is open for suggestions and ideas and will do what they can to accommodate our requests.

Individuality and style

At Malukka, we love aesthetics and a creative expression, that underlines the unique and personal individuality – preferably with an eye-catching look and an inspiring design. These boots are definitely noticeable – and moreover – they are perfectly suited for almost every occasion and season.

The boots are super easy to style and will look simply stunning with practically any outfit, maybe with one of our trendy bohemian dresses or shirts. Take a look at our designs for inspiration and ideas.


 “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
― Carl Gustav Jung



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