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Leadfree hand painted bottle, in an elegant design and with ornamented lid

This unique and amazing colored ceramic bottle is clearly inspired by past ethnic and cultural designs and traditions. Hence the floral motifs and color nuances are all typical features, of the ceramic artform and ornamentation style, during the Ottoman period. The Elaru bottle, really catches both eyes and soul, with its unique aura of the past, and with its striking elegant appearance. It will undoubtedly create joy and delight, whether you choose to use it for storing your favorite food oil, or as a beautiful home decoration.

As the ceramic bottle is hand painted, variations in color, texture and other minor imperfections, are to be expected, and assure the item of its individuality and uniqueness. The bottle contains 0,8 liter and is 30 cm in height. Please note. Limited number. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!

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