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Spectacular leadfree ceramic bottle, with colorful flower motifs

This lovely ceramic bottle is decorated with beautiful motifs of carnations and tulips, in bright vivid colors. The tulip originates from Turkey and is today the Turkish national flower. The delightful decorated Hatun bottle, has a unique aesthetic and creative aura, with a meticulous hand painted lid, decorated with miniature flowers. The bottle is leadfree and therefore useable for storing food ware. Use it for your favorite salad oils, or maybe exhibit it as a home décor. No matter your choice, we are sure, the Hatun bottle will be noticed and appreciated, for its beauty and style.

As the ceramic bottle is hand painted, variations in color, texture and other minor imperfections, are to be expected, and assure the item of its individuality and uniqueness. The bottle contains 0,8 liter and is 30 cm in height. Please note. Limited number. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!

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