Mileva, ceramic bottle

63.00 Incl. tax

Handmade bottle with flowers. Food safe ceramics

The Mileva bottle is handmade with inspiration from Turkish traditions in ceramic art and design. The beautiful bottle is certified lead- and cadmium free hence making it perfect for storing your favorite salad oils or drinks – as well as being a stunning addition to your house decor. The colorful Mileva bottle is carefully ornamented with floral decorations in red, white and green on a turquoise background, and even the lid is hand painted. A truly elegant bottle, expressing a unique, creative and original style.

To minimize the carbon footprint the ceramics are made to order, thus we have only few items in stock. Please note: As the bottle is handmade, variations in color, texture and other minor imperfections, are to be expected, and assure each item of its individuality and uniqueness. The handmade bottle with flowers contains 0,8 liter and is 30 cm in height.