Crino, ceramic bowl

96.00 Incl. tax

Lead free bowl with spectacular handmade floral motifs – for serving and home décor

This charming bowl is carefully handmade with motifs of carnations and tulips. The adorable floral decorations are inspired by the colorful and diverse Turkish botany, and are frequently used motifs – also in contemporary arts, crafts and designs. The tulip originates from Turkey and is today their national flower. The colorful aesthetic look makes the ceramic lead free bowl perfect for your home décor as well as for serving fruits or salads. The Crino bowl is appealing and decorative with a classy pure design, made with a careful sense of originality and creativity.

To minimize the carbon footprint the ceramics are made to order, thus we have only few items in stock. Please note: As the bowl is handmade, variations in color, texture and other minor imperfections, are to be expected, and assure each item of its individuality and uniqueness.