Hecabe, ceramic bowl

120.00 Incl. tax

Stunningly handmade ceramic bowl, decorated with “the tree of life” – in bright vibrant colors

This beautiful ceramic bowl is decorated with a gorgeous version of the “Tree of Life”, an illustration used in cultures, all over the world, through thousands of years, symbolizing human development and growth – individually as well as universally. Hence, the design of this ceramic bowl draws inspiration from these tales and symbols, in style, colors and motifs. Thus, the delicate floral motif really catches both your eyes and soul, with its stunning and vibrant glow. The Hecabe bowl exudes history, culture and symbolic poetry, in an aesthetic and creative blend, making it perfect for both home décor as well as for serving food.

To minimize the carbon footprint the ceramics are made to order, thus we have only few items in stock. Please note: As the bowl is handmade, variations in color, texture and other minor imperfections, are to be expected, and assure each item of its individuality and uniqueness.