Shiwinni, ceramic decanter

150.00 Incl. tax

Unique & handmade wine decanter – with fascinating historic roots. Ceramic Hittite style

This beautiful wine decanter is a unique piece of handicraft with a story worth telling. The inspiration for the decanter stems from the Hittite civilization, that lived in Turkey 4000 years ago and was famous for their amazing craftsman skills and well-organized wine production and trade. Wine also carried religious weight as part of certain rituals. The Hittites worshiped – as the Egyptians too – the Sun God Ra and thus the circle shape of the decanter represents the sun. The Shiwinni decanter is handmade and decorated with organic tulip motifs. A truly special decanter that certainly will catch the eye for its amazing shape and design. Lead and cadmium free – hence ready to serve your favorite bottle of wine.

To minimize the carbon footprint the ceramics are made to order, thus we have only few items in stock. Please note: As the wine decanter is handmade, variations in color, texture and other minor imperfections, are to be expected, and assure each item of its individuality and uniqueness. The Shiwinni wine decanter contains approx. 0,8 L.